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Presentation slides from the CMSS Annual Meeting 2022 are available below in PDF format and are organized by session. Please note that slides are only available if permissions have been granted by the speakers.

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Opening Plenary

Julia Minson - No Presentation

Navigating a National Divide: Association Leadership and Member Communication

Paul Pomerantz - No Presentation

Joseph Sakran - No Presentation

Jennifer Villavicencio - No Presentation

An Easy Fix: Improving Visual Diagnosis

Reducing Health Disparities...One Accredited Education Hour at a Time

CMSS CDC Specialty Societies Advancing Adult Immunization Updates

Executive Viewpoints for a New Generation of Clinical Registries

Kathleen Hewitt - No Presentation

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Cross Departmental Clinical Team: Stronger Together

Dave Hanson - See Team Presentation

Dawn Herman - See Team Presentation

David Martin - See Team Presentation

Building Bridges to Increase Avenues for Quality Improvement

Laura Vera - See Team Presentation

Chris Presta - See Team Presentation

Jennifer Thompson - See Team Presentation

Mona El-Shamaa - See Team Presentation

Board/Society Collaboration

Engaging Physicians in Improvement Priorities Through the ABMS Portfolio Program

Enhancing Quality Strategy and Impact through Specialty Society and Board Collaboration

Karen Johnson - See Team Presentation

Jill Shuemaker - See Team Presentation

Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research to Understand and Support Your Members

Maureen Geoghegan - See Team Presentation

Jen Minarik - See Team Presentation

Gonzo Schexnayder - See Team Presentation

Cia Romano - See Team Presentation

Cross-Specialty Collaboration to Advance Equity

Emergency Department Sickle Cell Care Coalition: Working Together to Improve Care for Sickle Cell Disease in the Emergency Department

Patient Safety and Equity: Embracing Care Coordination Across Specialties

Samantha Shugarman - See Team Presentation

Arjun Venkatesh - See Team Presentation

Nadja Kadom - See Team Presentation

Christopher Moore - See Team Presentation

Organizational Planning in a Changing Landscape: Aligning Priorities and Activities with Strategy

Wayne Bylsma - No Presentation

Dino Damalas - No Presentation

Improving Quality Improvement: A Framework for Success

Digital Strategy and Data Visualization for Clinical Quality Insights

Justin Erickson - See Team Presentation

Christina Koutras - See Team Presentation

Kelly May - See Team Presentation

Ganesan Muthiah - See Team Presentation

CMSS - Stronger Together

Making the Most of your PPG: Community, Collaboration, and Creativity

Innovative Plans in Joint Project Focused on Driving Measurable Improvement in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Medicine

Tracy Sereiko - See Team Presentation

Salandra Thomas - See Team Presentation

CMSS/PLRC PCORI Award: The Promise of Patient-Led Research Integration into Clinical Registries and Research

Gina Assaf - See Team Presentation

Susannah Fox - See Team Presentation

Suzanne Pope - See Team Presentation

Identifying Change in Learner Engagement through Multi-specialty Collaboration A Transformation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Devon Cortright - See Team Presentation

Vince Loffredo - See Team Presentation

James Morgante - See Team Presentation

Alisa Nagler - See Team Presentation

Developing Your Future Physician Leaders

Growing Your Leadership Pipeline

Mary Post - See Team Presentation

Angela Babb - See Team Presentation

Enhancing Medical Specialty Society Leadership & Governance

Helen Burstin - No Presentation

Identifying Credible Sources of Health Information in Social Media

Phase 2 Considerations for Non-accredited Nonprofit Organizations, For-profit Entities, and Individual Sources of Health Information on Social Media

Helen Burstin - See Team Presentation

Garth Graham - See Team Presentation

Megan Ranney - See Team Presentation

Panel Discussion with YouTube Health Creator Council Members

Ariel Altman - No Presentation

Cedric "Jamie" Rutland - No Presentation

Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski - No Presentation

Cyber Readiness: Practical Steps and Emerging Threats

Matt Jordan - No Presentation

Iliana Peters - No Presentation

Mike Tilkin - No Presentation

Daniel Reardon - No Presentation

Cross-Specialty Approaches

A Collaborative Approach to Clinical Practice Guidelines

Kailee Boedeker - See Team Presentation

Ellen Riker - See Team Presentation

Nikole Scappe - See Team Presentation

Cross-specialty Collaboration in Society Sponsored Organizational Performance Improvement

Thinking Outside the Registry Box to Support Expanded Needs and Uses

Helen Burstin - No Presentation

Clifford Ko - No Presentation

Matthew Nielsen - No Presentation

Hoangmai Pham - No Presentation

Industry Satellite Symposia

Click here for more details on Industry Satellite Symposia held during the CMSS Annual Meeting.

IQVIA - Symposium Presentation