Reconsidering Race in Clinical Algorithms: Driving Equity through New Models in Research and Implementation

The Council of Medical Specialty Societies, in partnership with the Doris Duke Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and National Academy of Medicine, invited thought leaders across medicine, research, technology, patient advocacy, and policy to explore current field efforts, challenges, and timely opportunities to bolster actions for more rigorous consideration of race in the design, implementation, and monitoring of clinical algorithms. This convening was held June 27, 2023 and a report developed to address the impact of including race in clinical algorithms and the optimal approach to algorithm assessment.

The following key steps were identified:

  • Principles and Guidance: Principles and guidance for the field
  • Evaluate: Identify research methods, standards, and data to evaluate algorithms
  • Implement: Identify implementation approaches
  • Disseminate: Disseminate best practices and provide guidance to major organizations
  • Monitor: Develop approaches to monitor algorithms for bias
  • Adapt: Develop strategies to rapidly adapt problematic algorithms

This is just the beginning for CMSS and our partners in facilitating broad engagement around ensuring equity in the health care provided to patients from all racial and ethnic groups.