CMSS develops and collaborates with partners to implement programs that serve our Mission to be indispensable to specialty societies and the medical profession by:

  • Supporting and strengthening member societies to address future challenges
  • Catalyzing improvement through convening, collaboration, collective voice and action across specialties
  • Providing a proactive platform to assess and address emerging and critical issues across specialty societies that influence the future of healthcare and the patients we serve

Explore our current initiatives and Programs linked below for more details.


A Collaborative DEI and Anti-Racism Initiative for Physicians and Medical Leadership

Identifying Credible Sources of Health Information in Social Media – CMSS-NAM-WHO Collaboration

Promoting Diagnostic Excellence Across Medicine

CMSS Partnership: National Academy of Medicine Scholars in Diagnostic Excellence

Specialty Societies Advancing Adult Immunization – A Cooperative Agreement with the CDC

Registry Science and Research Initiative