Strategic Priorities

CMSS is actively engaged in strategic planning and implementation. Our Board of Directors and Member CEOs help to identify key priorities and develop actionable plans, some of which are listed below.

2020 & 2021 Strategic Priorities

Digital Transformation

The CMSS Digital Transformation initiative will focus on the following areas:

  • Ensure specialty society participation and collaboration in the design and functionality of emerging digital systems with leading industry companies and thought leaders, including specialty societies as trusted sources of information
  • Develop a shared repository of educational materials on digital transformation for specialty societies
  • Develop adoptable set of standards and principles on safe, ethical, and effective use of digital tools (e.g., AI, machine learning) in collaboration with thought leaders in academia and vendors in the digital marketplace
  • Support collaborative efforts to identify and share effective strategies to digitally transform clinical registries, including use of digital sources, cloud-based computing, and opportunities for collaboration across societies
  • Identify and share emerging strategies for successful adoption and implementation for telehealth and virtual care across specialty societies
  • Identify and share effective strategies to support digital transformation of virtual education and learning

Actions to date:

  1. Supported webinar series on clinical registries and Covid-19
  2. Focused the CMSS Virtual Annual Meeting on October 28-30, 2020 on Covid-19 and Beyond: Digital Transformation of Healthcare, Research, and Education. The meeting will focus on three tracks: 1) harness and share lessons learned on the potential of virtual care and telehealth; 2) digital strategies to support clinical registries, research and guidelines; and 3) evolving best practices in virtual education and meetings
  3. Acquisition of the National Quality Registry Network (NQRN) will enable greater CMSS engagement with specialty societies and a broader group of clinical registries to drive digital transformation through education and collaborative activities

Review the full Digital Transformation Initiative.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A comprehensive CMSS strategic initiative focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative will include the following 4 components:

  • Develop innovative programs across the full pipeline to support greater engagement, inclusion, mentorship of students, residents, fellows, and physicians who are underrepresented in medicine
  • Support engagement, inclusion, and mentorship of underrepresented in medicine students, residents, fellows, and physicians
  • Increase diversity, inclusion, and engagement of those underrepresented in medicine, women, LGBTQ, and younger physicians into specialty society leadership
  • Develop an anti-racism collaborative across societies to identify effective strategies to counter structural racism in healthcare and the medical profession.

Actions to date:

  • Established DEI Professional Peer Group across societies to share best practices and identify areas for greater collaboration
  • Conducted specialty society survey to assess approaches for collection of standardized member demographic information, including gender, race and ethnicity and strategies to increase voluntary submission by members
  • Convened Equity Task Force to track and improve diversity and inclusion of women and minorities across societies medicine
  • Developed CMSS Statement on Racism in Healthcare, and shared member society statements and resources via the CMSS website
  • Held a Special Session on Racism in Medicine to launch a collaborative on Anti-Racism for Specialty Societies. This session took place on October 28, 2020, and featured Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH (UCSF) as the keynote speaker, with discussion moderated by Patricia Turner, MD, MBA, FACS (American College of Surgeons).
    Watch the Racism in Medicine session recording here.

Review the full Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative.