Welcome to the CMSS Web Seminar System

To register for the latest webinars please click on Upcoming Webinars to the left. CMSS Web seminars are designed to provide a convenient and affordable way for busy professionals to stay on top of current issues and advance their professional knowledge. From the comfort of your own office, you can have access to valuable professional development and networking opportunities – without taking time off from work or paying travel expenses.

Requirements to attend a Web Seminar

 To participate in a webinar, you need one computer with an internet connection to view the visual portion and one phone line to listen to the audio portion of the program.

Your “Live Online Webinar” registration entitles you to one internet and one phone connection to the webinar. You may have as many people viewing the webinar from that one location as you like. 

Questions about registration?  Send an email to: cmss@commpartners.com

Questions about the webinar content/presentation?  Send an email to: mailbox@cmss.org