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The following companies are hosting Industry Satellite Symposia during the CMSS Annual Meeting. Slides and recordings will be posted here with the sponsor's permission.

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"Why Is This Still Hard?" Why Interoperability Hasn't (Yet) Transformed QI

The 21st Century Cures Act and resulting regulations promised to usher in a new era of unprecedented access to US healthcare data for patients and providers alike. Yet many MSS programs have yet to see these promises manifest in easier access to QI relevant data or better granularity of complex clinical concepts. Join us as our panel of experts discusses some of the reasons these challenges persist, which ones will naturally improve, and how our QI programs need to adapt to best leverage today's access models.


  • Angela Kennedy DC, MBA: IQVIA US Healthcare Solutions; Director, Strategic Operations - Moderator
  • David Voccola: IQVIA Integrated Health Practice; Senior Director & Co-Lead Global Product & Strategy
  • Calum Yacoubian, MD: IQVIA NLP; Director of Healthcare Product and Strategy
  • Jamie Skipper, PhD: IQVIA Registry Center of Excellence; Director, Healthcare Registry Technology Consulting Services


Digital Medicine: Changing Technology and Changing Workforce Needs

Digital technology is exploding. New apps, devices, and algorithms are emerging seemingly daily. How do we integrate this technology into clinical care? How do we educate clinicians, patients, and payers and facilitate adoption of these tools? What training is needed to ensure the workforce is well trained and ready for this revolution in care? Join us and add to the discussion.


  • Ankita Deshpande, Alexion
  • Jason Freeman, Novartis
  • Graham Jones, Novartis
  • Judy Keen, Novartis